College administrators manage some of the most complex work environments in our society today. Beyond being on the front lines of academia, research and innovation, administrators must tend to everyday tasks from helping with dropped classes to updating student forms. With so much to stay on top of, administrators can feel challenged to be as efficient as they would like to be each day.

In an effort to improve efficiency, college administrators are turning to workflow automation software to streamline internal processes and improve the quality of their work. Digital solutions automate tasks and help do away with manual work, such as compiling and collating student data and manually entering it into different internal systems. In this article, we cover some of the key ways to empower college administrators to be more efficient.

Digitize School Forms

Paper forms are not only inefficient and hard to keep track of, but they are also bad for the environment. Digitizing forms allows administrators to switch to a paperless system and improve their operational efficiency by eliminating manual processes such as collecting paper forms and entering data into a system.

Creating, tracking, and updating digital forms is simpler for college administrators than traditional paper forms. Using digital forms is also more convenient for the student population as it enables them to complete forms where they're most active, on their mobile devices. Student data is stored digitally and no longer requires manual entry or updating—not to mention that information is easily accessible to all of the departments across campus. SIS integrated solutions prevent information from being lost due to misplaced paper forms.

Automate Workflows

Outdated manual processes do nothing but slow administrators down—which is why automation is a game-changer for increasing efficiency. Automating the workflows associated with forms, payments and approvals allows administrators to streamline processes and work more efficiently. Automated notifications and workflow approvals eliminate the need to repeatedly reach out to managers and other departments for approvals and help administrators avoid any delays caused by slow approvers. Automation also helps improve communication and collaboration across departments.

Integrate Systems

Integrated systems create data silos and inhibit productivity by forcing manual processes. A workflow automation solution such as CampusRight integrates seamlessly with your student information system (SIS) and general ledger (GL) system to remove silos and reduce the need for manual data entry. Seamless integration also eliminates the need for administrators to manually pull or cross-check data in disparate systems and improves collaboration across departments on campus.

College administrators can improve their productivity and increase their efficiency in the workplace—but they need the right solution in place to help make change happen. Digital solutions such as CampusRight empower college administrators to make these improvements by helping to eliminate manual work, automate processes, and streamline workflows.

Does the manual data entry associated with paper form management keep you from completing the work you're most passionate about? Download our free guide, Top Five Tips for Creating Effective Web Forms, to learn how to build forms that are easy for administrators to create, deploy, manage, and track—and for students to complete.

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