Imagine this: you have set up a registration form with us, and everything is going very well. Suddenly, you hear from your venue that they have to do urgent renovations and they will move you to another room. You are 2 days away from your event, and you have sold 2000 tickets. After getting over the wave of panic, how do you let everyone know?!!!

Enter Reminders! Using this feature, you can contact all your guests at once, and even customize the message to include their specific registration details!

A reminder is a quick and easy way for you to:

  • Contact attendees via Email and/or SMS
  • Notify your guest list of date or location changes
  • Prompt attendees about dress code or items to bring like their tickets
  • Ask guests who haven’t paid, to send payment
  • Have guests update companion or team information

With reminders, you can also:

  • Add personalized items (ex. guest’s first name, event location, table number) similar to a mail merge
  • Schedule your reminder to a future date (set it and forget it)
  • Allow guests to update their response.  For example, ensuring that you have collected allergies and dietary restrictions for every attendee
  • Filter who receives the reminder based on responses to questions asked during registration, or have the reminder sent to specific groups within your guest list
  • Send yourself a test reminder to yourself to ensure it’s perfect, and you can even send it to your supervisor so they can see how perfect you are too

So hop on over to your Reminders tab in the Admin area and get in contact with your attendees! Here is a cool video to help you, so your panic wave can float away…

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