Campuses were quick to act and moved students online as soon as the threat of COVID-19 was clear, which was a smart move for our communities' health and safety. As colleges and universities grapple with the challenges posed by the re-opening of in-person classes and resuming events, it is essential to consider that an online-equivalency is likely to be the norm even after the pandemic. Adopting technology that translates in-person events into online events now will help colleges and universities now and for the foreseeable future.   

Schools have been offering online admissions applications and registration to college for some time now. Why isn't the same experience being provided for campus events throughout the year, including graduation? While traditional in-person events with paper tickets can be nostalgic, they are also less convenient (and more expensive) than you might think.   

Disadvantages of Paper Tickets   

Traditional paper tickets are familiar. There is a social factor involved, such as celebratory events often associated with passing out the graduation tickets or tailgating at a sporting event and distributing tickets. Other potential issues for attendees and their families include:   

  • Social distancing in a line to purchase tickets   
  • Accessibility for immunocompromised students and students with immunocompromised family members   

In addition to concerns about the pandemic, budget is a genuine concern for many colleges and universities. Paper ticketing is thought to be cheaper than online ticketing platforms. However, there are many hidden costs in paper ticketing that are often overlooked, such as:   

  • Staff hours and productivity lost for sorting and handing out tickets   
  • Material costs are not transparent when printing tickets yourself   

Intuitions and organizations that decided it was time to move on from conventional ticketing have done so because the demand for tickets starts to outpace even their patience and time limitations. However, many challenges present themselves at the actual venue where the ceremony takes place, including:   

  • Lost tickets   
  • Reproduced or counterfeit tickets   
  • Line-ups or inconvenient hours to pick up tickets  

Advantages of Digital Tickets and Online Ticketing  

Mobile ticketing makes admission and ticket management a simple, straightforward process for you and the event attendees. Students can use social media to host virtual events and share links to purchase event tickets or graduation tickets online.  

It is worth noting that before the pandemic, students were changing their habits and adopting new technologies, continuing to push the envelope by using new technologies as "shortcuts" for everyday behaviors. Providing digital tickets and online events can help students feel a part of a community in this time of isolation.   

Buying tickets online is convenient and allows for the appropriate social-distancing protocol to be observed. Providing digital tickets for both free and paid events provides you with a complete audit trail and a roster of all expected attendees. When looking for a digital ticketing solution, it is highly recommended that you consider a tool that allows for ticket limitations for extra protection to limit the number of tickets sold.   

Additional benefits of digital ticketing include:   

  • Customizing tickets with colors and logos for your campus  
  • Creating dynamic forms with real-time access to student information   
  • Allowing the collection of donations   
  • Selling event merchandise   
  • Providing a fast, mobile-friendly purchase experience compatible with any device  

Digital ticketing with CampusRight can help your campus during the pandemic and after as protocol for events and ticketing are likely to be impacted for the long term. CampusRight is a mobile, automated, and integrated software system that offers the right mix of flexibility with dynamic forms, real-time access to student data, and a mobile-friendly environment for the entire ticketing and event registration process. To see these features in action, schedule a demonstration of CampusRight.