Educause brings the best to the table, from top-notch presentations to braindates where you can spark meaningful conversation with other professionals like yourself, and software providers. CampusRight is part of the TransACT product suite, and our related offerings consisting of OneCampusCampusClassifieds, or CampusConfirm will be holding down the fort at Booth 1652, stop in to see a demonstration on the interactive monitors.

To help make your trip go more smoothly, we’ve poured over the agenda so that you don’t have to - Here are some sessions we’d recommend checking out if you’re going to be attending the Educause conference this year. If you’re more of a DIY-er, we recommend narrowing your search by looking at specific programs and tracks being highlighted this year, like: Creating a Culture of Data-Informed Decision MakingManaging and Reducing Information Technology Risk, or Transforming the Student Experience. 




With so many options, it can be overwhelming having to choose. If you’re still not sure where to start, stop by Meet and Mingle for answers to your Educause conference questions on opening day (Tuesday October 15th).